How to Stop Google from Listening Us Secretly?

Google listens

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4.3 billion people around the world use Google. But few people know that Google is also listening to our conversations, Talk about any topic, and its ads start appearing but you can stop Google from doing this.

I am telling you its solution below.

First, enter and click on the profile picture on the top right.

From here click on “Manage your Google account”.

Then you select “Data and privacy”.

We scroll down a little further down the page and select “Web and app activity”.

From here we turn off the “Speech and voice activity”.

We move on to step 2, and from here we take a step back.

Again, under “data and privacy”, we click on “my advertising center” a little below.

Personalized ads say “on”, we click and close.

Use these steps to stop Google to listens your secretly.

Courtesy: Tanweer Awan (@htanveerAwan) thread on Twitter/X.


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